Nemesys Software is developing software for the Apple Macintosh, running macOS and software for iPhone and iPads running iOS and iPadOS.

We've gained experience in developing software since 1990, initially in Pascal. For the past 25 years, we have been using object oriented programming with the Objective-C language and now with Swift, with the help of NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP operating system, and with its most advanced development tools, and now with Apple's macOS operating system, which resulted with the design and creation of File Synchronization and a few other macOS applications. We’ve also leveraged our knowledge in OS X and Cocoa to tackle development of iOS applications as well. SL Notifier our first iOS application on the App Store. We since added a new application, SL Region Monitor for people that owns a region in the virtual world of Second Life.

We have also developed and worked on a few software for the Newton platform, specifically the Apple MessagePad.