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SL Notifier
Playing Second Life and you would like to know which of your friends are online before you launch the application? With Second Life Notifier, you can track who's getting online and offline without having to login Second Life. Second Life Notifier doesn't merely display a list of online friends. By extracting the information from the Second Life website, it can maintain its own list of who's online, providing the ability to alert you when one of your friend gets online or offline. More details here.
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SL Region Monitor
Owning a region in the virtual world of Second Life? SL Region Monitor will monitor the server that is running your region, sending you notifications if the server frame rate drops below a certain threshold. The application reports, in addition of the frame rate, the time dilution on the server and the last time it was restarted. Also reported is the current number of visitors on your region and the server status. Monitor people that gets on your region. Examine their profile.. More details here.