SL Notifier for iOS
Always know when your Second Life Friends are online or offline, who is in range* or on your land* and much more!

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For only 99¢

SL Notifier is now available from the App Store. It has the same functionalities and similar design than Second Life Notifier for macOS.

Notifications to let you know who of your friends are coming online and going offline:
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Main view presents the list of friends, the people in range and the people on your land:
Tap one of the people on the main view and you can access their profile:
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On the iPad:
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The Land view allows you to quickly glance at the time and the weather at your land. You can also broadcast messages around the optional server (available for purchase from our Second Life store). The Info button provides details about your land:
The settings view gives you more control over how the data is downloaded from the server, how large the pictures in the list are, how the list of friends is sorted and other options. This is also where you would enter the URL of the optional server (available for purchase from our Second Life store).

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You can also view the location of your friends that gave you this permission:
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The app has been optimized for the latest iPhones, including iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max. SL Notifier requires iOS 13 or better. Fully compatible with iOS 17. All of this for only 99¢ on the App Store!

NOTE: the messages you send always appear in the MAIN CHAT window of the recipient, NOT in the IM window. Only the recipient can see it, though. That's how the function to message people provided by Linden Lab works.

* : requires additional server available for purchase from our Second Life Store.