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File Synchronization
File Synchronization is an utility that has the ability to synchronize multiple pairs of folders or files. It has been designed to be easy to use and quick to do the job. It was based originally on the File Synchronization tool provided by Apple with the old Mac OS, but has a few improvements and features to help get the job done quickly and efficiently. More details here.

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Second Life Notifier
Playing Second Life and would like to know which of your friends are online before you launch the application? With Second Life Notifier, you can track who's getting online and offline without having to login Second Life. Second Life Notifier doesn't merely display a list of online friends. By extracting the information from the Second Life website, it can maintain its own list of who's online, providing the ability to alert you when one of your friend gets online or offline. More details here.

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CountChar is a little utility that simply computes the number of characters in a string and displays that value in a text field. When appropriately installed in one of the "blessed" application directory, CountChar provides this functionality to any application supporting the OS X services. More details here.

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Strider is an RSS news aggregator. It basically allows you to access RSS feeds offered by web sites on the Internet. Now, you can surf the Internet for information like you never did before. Instead of accessing every single web site one by one, loading their pages and publicity banners, you have access to all information that interest you, be it weather, international or US news, eBay auctions or even top lists at the Apple iTunes Music Store. More details here.